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Who We Are?

The Classic Motor Museum (CMM) is dedicated to appreciating, preserving and showcasing America’s heritage of automotive innovation and adaption while at the same time exposing future generations of Talbot County and Eastern Shore young adults to that heritage and its contributions.

Before the worldwide COVID crisis, CMM established a Student Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) in conjunction with the Bay Country Chapter of AACA. We named it "First Gear", and numerous local high school students embraced it with enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, COVID was the undoing of that worthwhile program and effort.

Consequently, CMM volunteers, working with local Talbot County auto repair shops and the State of Maryland Labor Department, have created a State sanctioned apprenticeship program for young adults who are interested in a career in vehicle repair and restoration. It is the Automotive Technician Apprenticeship Program (ATAP).

If you want additional information, please click here or on the ATAP link on our Home Page.


CMM's first graduates with Tad duPont

CMM_Student AACA.jpg

Classroom Study in The Pinkett House

CMM Leadership

Jamie Atkinson

Tad duPont

Ted Kratovil

JoAnn McQuay

Pete Pappas

Brian Routhier

Andy Roberson

Janet Soderberg

Ric Struthers

Sandy Thomson

Craig Walter

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