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The Classic Motor Museum of St. Michaels was just a dream of a few car enthusiasts in 2012. After lots of planning, hard work and some good old ingenuity, we were able to get an Amish-built 4,800 sf Exhibit Barn completed in 2014. The Museum had a home, it had volunteers who nurtured it, and the Classic Motor Museum of St. Michaels was born. It opened its doors to the public in 2015. We have grown since then and now have three buildings on our campus on Marengo Street, the Pinkett House, the Exhibit Barn and the Struthers Family Education Center. 

The Pinkett House

The Pinkett House was built in 1851 and is one of the oldest buildings in St. Michaels. The house has a rich history and was relocated and restored to its current location in April 2014. The house used to sit in the northern part of St. Michaels near the old steam mill and was likely home to workers or artisans. After a few possession changes, Commodore Littleton Pinkett purchased the house in 1920. 

The house was moved from Mill St. by volunteers who disassembled, then reassembled the building, using as many original pieces as possible. The pine floors of the downstairs are reconstructed from the flooring on the second floor of the house. The front door and the side door are custom-made from the original house sills. The staircase and the interior paneling are original to the house. It is a living piece of history that is used today as the Museum's administrative building and may be rented for small outside meetings.​



Pinkett House Before


Pinkett House Today


Struthers Family Education Center

The Struthers Family Education Center (SFEC) building was located on the southern end of the campus and then moved to its current location behind The Pinkett House. The Center houses a large conference room complete with cutting-edge Zoom capable technology, a classroom with remote teaching capability and a Reading Room for research and study. The Education Center is also available for outside meetings, receptions, education and more.


Struthers Family Education Center Before


Struthers Family Education Center Today


The Exhibit Barn

The Exhibit Barn was completed in 2014 and currently houses our collection of vehicles and may be rented for various functions and more.

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