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Cannonball Run Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, October 21st
10 am sharp

This is that one fall day you will remember! Why? Because it was fun, it was spent with friends, you have great photos of the day, and it is purposeful. 

Registering for “The Hunt” means meeting in the parking lot of Chesapeake Seafood 1216 S. Talbot Street St. Michaels, at 10 am sharp. You will need to have with you a digital camera/cell phone, a navigator(s) and/or spotter(s), and a full tank or charge. You will receive your Hunt T-shirt and a driver’s packet. 


The Hunt is about driving Talbot County either looking for the sites that provide the answers to the trivia questions, or simply trying to find as many of the sites listed on The Hunt sheet as you can. Either way, what you will be doing for the next 3 hours is plotting your course, finding the sites, and having the evidence that you were there - - literally taking the picture with friends at the site.


The catch is that you cannot get to all the listed sites in 3 hours and not every site answers a trivia question. Which means your route strategy is really important. This is why we are giving you 30 minutes before the start of The Hunt to decide on the challenge you want to experience and plot your drive. You may begin The Hunt at 10:30. You must be back at the Old Mill, across the street from the Classic Motor Museum on Marengo Street by 1:30 pm to be considered for a prize.


Money raised from this event goes to support the Automotive Technician Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Classic Motor Museum of Saint Michaels. Thank you for your support!

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