The Classic Motor Museum of St. Michaels is dedicated to providing educational and vocational resources to younger classic car enthusiasts. In 2018, the CMM Student Chapter of the National Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) was formed with support and sponsorship from the Bay Country Region, as well as the Eastern Shore AACA. Museum wide, this program is called the First Gear program.

The students involved in the First Gear Program take part in educational and hands-on projects at the Museum. The most recent project is repairing a 2008 Smart Car that was donated to the program. Every week the students meet with a volunteer vehicle expert in the Exhibit Barn and work to get the car back into proper road legal condition. The proceeds from sale of the vehicle will go toward purchasing the next project vehicle. 

The Museum also works with Shane's Driving School to provide Driver's Education classes that are held at the Struthers Family Education Center. For more information on these classes, please contact: Shane's Driving School. 

First Gear students working on the Smart Car project with a CMM volunteer vehicle expert

First Gear students learning the interworking of an engine

Shane's Driving School classes at the Struthers Family Education Center